Adult Adoption Attorney Redondo Beach

Adult Adoption Attorney Redondo Beach

Do you need assistance with an adult adoption in Los Angeles County?  I can help you with that.  Whoever said “you can’t choose your family” was mistaken.  If you are over the age of 18, you can, to some extent, choose your family.  The state of California recognizes adult adoptions and if you are located in Los Angeles County, Mioni Family Law, APC can help you with your adult adoption proceedings.

There are no “forms” to fill out for an adult adoption so the easiest way to go about getting an adult adoption in Los Angeles is to contact an attorney who is familiar with adult adoptions.  An attorney will draft the adult adoption forms for you and then set your matter for an adult adoption hearing.  The entire process will take about 2-4 months and then your adult adoption will be finalized and you legally be a family.  You can even be issued a new birth certificate with your adoptive mother or father listed on the new birth certificate.

Many people choose to do an adult adoption if they have been raised by someone who is not their biological father or mother.  Often times this is a stepparent, aunt, uncle, or friend of the family that took over that parental role in your life.

The nice thing about an adult adoption is that you do not need to obtain the parental consent of your biological mother or father.  Because you are over the age of 18, you can choose to be adopted by the person who you have considered to be your father/mother and your biological father/mother will not be able to prevent the adoption or have any say in the matter.

If you need assistance with an adult adoption in Redondo Beach, or in Los Angeles County, give Mioni Family Law, APC a call and we would be happy to discuss the process and costs with you.

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