“Ms. Mioni is one of the best lawyers that I have found. She is very thorough and takes the time to explain things so that they are understood. I would recommend her to anyone that is going through a divorce or separation.”

Brandon Davis

“I very much and highly recommend Ms. Mioni’s Family Law practice. Lovette was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and professional during a very difficult time. She is very patient and attentive, and I felt very fortunate to have found her amazing firm!”

Rebekah Weber

“Lovette and staff are amazing and Lovette has made me feel safe along the way and her advice and help in and outside the courtroom is a 5-star experience!! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a warm, kind & helpful lawyer by their side through taxing times.”

LottaWeb Dept

“Lovette is an exceptional lawyer! She knows her craft very well and is extremely confident and truthful when giving advice. Her follow up and communication is wonderful and always reassuring during difficult times. I will always keep Lovette first on my list of lawyers to contact if I need advice”

David Grande

“Being of the opinion that family law attorneys are simply out for their own self-interest and having used two other family law attorneys in the past, Lovette has completely changed my opinion! She is simply amazing!!! She has a quiet confidence that pays off. She is savvy and trustworthy. We had to go back to court with my ex-wife (again) for unrealistic demands for more money. Lovette skillfully presented our case and fought for my rights. The judge ruled in our favor thanks to Lovette’s tenacity and professionalism. She is highly ethical and reliable and will be my attorney from this point forward. My wife and I trust her explicitly!!!”

Sean Haley

“Lovette is a trustworthy, efficient, and knowledgeable attorney – I highly recommend her for any matter related to family law. Lovette helped me through a very difficult time and answered all of my tough questions regarding divorce. She was prepared with rationale and presented potential outcomes for various hypothetical scenarios which helped me fully understand all aspects of the system. Additionally, she was prepared with counter-arguments against any potential rulings not in my favor. You can rely on Lovette to provide great counsel with a caring disposition.”

Alexandra Smith

“I was in a legal battle for several years. During that time I had two different seasoned attorneys. Neither one I felt understood or cared for my plight. The first one was up against a highly qualified Beverly Hills attorney that had won most if not all his cases and appeared ruthless. Needless to say, my attorney just wanted to be done and did a very unprofessional job representing me because it was simply not worth the trouble in dealing with this other high powered attorney. Then I was assigned Lovette Mioni by default. I saw that she appeared very young and small in stature. I immediately judged her to be someone who could not handle my case against the vastly experienced Respondent’s attorney. It only took one showdown in court to prove Ms. Mioni was a force to be reckoned with. She strongly and professionally handled difficult situations with poise and wisdom without blinking an eye when ruthlessly confronted. It was a David and Goliath moment when she handed his proverbial hat to him rendering him speechless. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who asked me for an attorney referral. Unfortunately, I have been in the courthouse for too many years and have seen many attorneys at work but can honestly attest with the utmost confidence that Ms. Mioni is fully competent as an attorney and I would not go to bat with anyone else, period. Lastly, I found her to be honest, fair, caring, a good listener, highly educated and most professional.”

Karrie King

“Lovette and her entire team are a knowledgeable, helpful, consistent group of professionals. A class act. Impressed and inspired by all of this it came as no surprise. Lovette is diligent at everything she does. Within her diligence, she is personable, patient, and kind. She plays fair, knows her stuff, knows what to look for, and there are no empty promises. Financially considerate, her pricing is reasonable and she avoids unnecessary charges. Overall Lovette shows a fine way of someone who knew exactly what they wanted to do, went for it wholeheartedly, and now is in their element. Being an amazing team, Mioni Family Law welcomed me, made me feel comfortable, reassured, and exceeded my expectations. Coming from a person that pays attention to detail, it can be hard to do. Having said that this is my first review! It’s for those of you who were like me. Going through a sensitive time obviously, and wanted to guarantee at least security with… Mioni Family Law!? Yippie!! Yep. No brainer. Your needs will be met and you won’t regret!”

Meghann Perea

“I can’t say enough positive things about Lovette. I, unfortunately, made a bad choice which resulted in me in needing a lawyer. I was referred to her and it turned out to be the best choice. She responded quickly, was knowledgeable, listen attentively and kept me informed. I would recommend her any day!”

Pure Cinematic

“Lovette Mioni was one of three Family Law attorneys recommended to me by my friend who is an attorney at KHS Law. After meeting with all three attorneys, I made the decision to have Lovette represent me in my Child Custody/Support case based upon her professionalism, knowledge, and accessibility. Having worked with another lawyer in the past and trying my hand at representing myself, I found working with Lovette the best experience yet. With Ms. Mioni I had the peace of mind that we were proceeding ethically and justly. When the opposing counsel was being abrasive and disagreeable, Lovette managed the situation calmly and effectively. In the end, the agreements that were signed were exactly what I hoped for. Since then, Lovette has been there to answer any questions I have and I will continue to have her represent me all future family law matters. I highly recommend her.”

Leo Woz

“My name is Eduardo Garcia. I’ve hired lawyers in the past to assist me with my child modifications orders.
And one of the things that bothered me was their lack of preparation. And when being in court not staying on point with my declaration.
I hired Lovette Mioni family law and it was the best money I’ve ever spent for the interest of my family, my daughter.
(Lovette Mioni, is so well prepared)
In my hearing, she was extremely professional. She spoke with the respondent and was empathic to the respondent. But Lovette did not allow the facts to be derailed.
Because of the time spent on a solid declaration, my daughter and I are now a family. The outcome was overwhelming and I can’t thank Lovette enough.
Thank you”

Edward Garcia & Shirley

“Lovette is fantastic!
She is professional and educated!
Willing to help however she can! She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable to ask whatever it may be, and that is hard to come by these days. Thanks again for your help!”

Loretta Dabaghian

“My only regret is that I should have written this review about a month ago. Unfortunately and fortunately in a way, my attorney prior to, disappeared shortly after my court case and I wasn’t able to close out the paperwork regarding child custody. I was recommended to Lovette Mioni through a great Living Will and Trust attorney, Mark Swatik. THANK GOD!

Lovette and her staff are absolutely AMAZING!!! Incredibly professional with a quick turn around time. The response rate is always within 24-hours or less. Both legal assistants, Nicole Jaramillo and Pamela Fond are stellar. Nicole even called me in the late evening to finalize the details of my case.

What took 3+ years to wrap up with my prior attorney, Lovette closed out in less than a month.

Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about the Mioni law firm. THANK YOU for allowing me to move forward with my life. I could never put into words how truly grateful I am to have crossed paths with you and your wonderful staff.”


“I was very impressed and grateful for Lovette’s services. She came recommended by a colleague. I was in need of a very quick turn around. She got back to me very quickly and gave her time very generously, professionally and provided the exact thing I needed.”

Deborah Kennedy

“Lovette Mioni was very professional; I always received clear and thoughtful communication and a quick response to my inquiries. Notably, she was a very caring person, and I had a high level of trust that she was thinking through the best outcome for my family.”

Elisa Morimoto

“Lovette helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I needed the answers to some key questions that would severely impact my future. She took time out of her busy schedule to help. I recommend all my friends/associates to Lovette.”

Brett Murray

“Lovette makes you feel at ease even though family law can be stressful. She always answers my calls and called back when she said she would. I hope I never need a family attorney again, but if I do it will be Lovette.”

Erik Longoria

“Lovette is fantastic and I would highly recommend her. She has handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism.”

Seth Nagel

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