South Bay Divorce Mediation

South Bay Divorce Mediation

I look at divorce mediation like this:  You can either divide the assets you have between yourself and your ex or you can give a good portion of your assets to your divorce attorney and divide the balance between you and your ex.

Mediation is always the best way to handle your divorce.  That being said, both parties have to see the value in mediating your divorce rather than lawyering up and litigating your divorce.  Mediation works best for parties that get along fairly well, get along okay, and/or are highly motivated to keep your divorce out of the court system.

Divorce mediation allows parties to participate in how they divide their assets, debts, and come up with a custody schedule that works best for their evolving family.  If you litigate your divorce, you are essentially leaving it up to the court to divide your assets and come up with a custody schedule for your children.  Litigating your divorce is fine, a lot of people do it, but you are essentially letting the judge, a complete stranger, make very lasting and impactful personal decisions regarding your finances and your children.  You are also paying your respective attorneys quite a bit of money to try to negotiate with your spouse and his/her attorney or litigate your case in court.

Mediation is not a perfect process.  Many times, both parties leave a bit dissatisfied with what they are walking away with.  The truth of the matter is that you will be getting about half of the community property that you acquired during marriage, and that isn’t as great as 100% of the assets, but at least you aren’t spending a great deal of the assets litigating your case.

Divorce mediation at Mioni Family Law works like this:  An attorney who is experienced litigating cases meets with you and your spouse to go over your assets, debts, custody, and support.  After meeting with you and your spouse, the attorney will inform you what the likely outcome of the case would be if you were to go to court given the current laws regarding property division and custody.  The attorney discusses with you what would work best for your finances and your family.  Cases that are mediated are usually resolved much quicker and much less expensive than divorces that are litigated.

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