Redondo Beach Divorce Mediation

Redondo Beach Divorce Mediation

An alternative approach to a costly divorce is divorce mediation.  The attorneys at Mioni Family Law, APC, located in Redondo Beach can assist you with your divorce mediation.  We have the skills necessary to resolve your divorce without the need for each party to spend tens of thousands of dollars in court and avoid a high conflict situation.

Mioni Family law understands the benefits of mediation and avoiding the emotional and financial cost that litigating your divorce causes your family.  We aim to resolve your divorce amicably by educating you as to what the law is, what your options are, and what the likely outcome would be if you did actually litigate your case.

At Mioni Family Law, we have cases that are not able to be resolved in mediation, or amicably.  Because of that, we are well equipped to litigate cases and do take cases to trial.  The trial experience and experience with litigation allows us to educate you on how the judge rules on issues that are similar to yours and to explain the process, including the time and cost, that it takes to bring your case to conclusion through trial.

Let us assist you and your spouse avoid litigation and reach a mutually beneficial resolution.  Mioni Family law can assist you and your spouse make informed decisions that will allow you and your family to move past this divorce while remaining amicable and will ultimately benefit your family’s long term interests.  We can assist you with practical and effective solutions to your specific needs and issues.

If you would like to discuss mediating your divorce, contact Mioni Family Law located in Redondo Beach.  Mioni Family Law serves Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the greater Los Angeles area.  Feel free to contact us at (424) 259-1770.