Redondo Beach Certified Family Law Specialist

Redondo Beach Certified Family Law Specialist


Law today is so specialized that you want to make sure you hire a family law attorney for your divorce or family law issue instead of a “general” attorney that may do some family law here, some estate planning there, and finish up with some criminal law.

Hiring a family law attorney who is also a Certified Family Law Specialist also known as a “CFLS” can also be greatly beneficial to you because not only do they primarily or exclusively practice family law, you can have confidence knowing you are being represented by someone with proven experience and expertise in family law and divorce matters.

A Certified Family Law Specialist is a lawyer that has been certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  In order to become a Certified Family Law specialist, an attorney must fill out an application that requires the attorney to have done a certain amount of divorce or family law trials or evidentiary hearings and the attorney must have completed a certain amount of divorce or paternity cases.  Additionally, the attorney must pass an eight-hour examination on family law specific issues.  Once the application is submitted and the attorney has passed the examination, they then have to be recommended to be a Certified Family Law specialist by their piers or colleagues.

After becoming a Certified Family Law Specialist, the attorney must fulfill the ongoing legal education requirements.

Do you need a Certified Family Law Specialist for your divorce? Well is certainly couldn’t hurt to hire a family law attorney that specializes is family law/divorce matters and have demonstrated their knowledge of family law through an exam and peer review process.

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