Adult Adoption Lawyer

What is adult adoption?  When one person who is an adult adopts another adult (note that the adopting parent is required to be at least ten years older than the person being adopted).

Do you need to get consent for an adult adoption from birth parents?  No.  The beauty of adult adoption is that you do not need the consent of a birth parent for the adoption to take place.  Many people want to adopt their step child but for one reason or another, the step child’s biological parent will not consent to the adoption.  The solution without a costly legal battle?  Wait until the step child is 18 years old and file for an adult adoption.

Can I get a new birth certificate with an adult adoption?  Yes.  Through the process of an adult adoption, the person being adopted can change their last name and can be issued a new birth certificate with the new parent listed on the birth certificate.

How long does an adult adoption take?  In Los Angeles County, an adult adoption takes approximately 2-4 months from the time we submit your adult adoption paperwork to the court until the adoption is finalized.  The length of time varies depending on the court’s availability.

Do I have to go to court for the adult adoption to be finalized?  Yes.  A court hearing is required in Los Angeles County in order to process your adult adoption.  The hearing is relatively quick, taking only about 15 minutes.  At the hearing, the court will make sure both parties understand that they are taking on the role of parent or child and that this is a legal relationship between the parties.  If either the adopting parent or the adult being adopted is married, the spouse will need to attend the adoption hearing to give consent that the adoption take place.

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