Meghann Perea

“Lovette and her entire team are a knowledgeable, helpful, consistent group of professionals. A class act. Impressed and inspired by all of this it came as no surprise. Lovette is diligent at everything she does. Within her diligence, she is personable, patient, and kind. She plays fair, knows her stuff, knows what to look for, and there are no empty promises. Financially considerate, her pricing is reasonable and she avoids unnecessary charges. Overall Lovette shows a fine way of someone who knew exactly what they wanted to do, went for it wholeheartedly, and now is in their element. Being an amazing team, Mioni Family Law welcomed me, made me feel comfortable, reassured, and exceeded my expectations. Coming from a person that pays attention to detail, it can be hard to do. Having said that this is my first review! It’s for those of you who were like me. Going through a sensitive time obviously, and wanted to guarantee at least security with… Mioni Family Law!? Yippie!! Yep. No brainer. Your needs will be met and you won’t regret!”