Karrie King

“I was in a legal battle for several years. During that time I had two different seasoned attorneys. Neither one I felt understood or cared for my plight. The first one was up against a highly qualified Beverly Hills attorney that had won most if not all his cases and appeared ruthless. Needless to say, my attorney just wanted to be done and did a very unprofessional job representing me because it was simply not worth the trouble in dealing with this other high powered attorney. Then I was assigned Lovette Mioni by default. I saw that she appeared very young and small in stature. I immediately judged her to be someone who could not handle my case against the vastly experienced Respondent’s attorney. It only took one showdown in court to prove Ms. Mioni was a force to be reckoned with. She strongly and professionally handled difficult situations with poise and wisdom without blinking an eye when ruthlessly confronted. It was a David and Goliath moment when she handed his proverbial hat to him rendering him speechless. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who asked me for an attorney referral. Unfortunately, I have been in the courthouse for too many years and have seen many attorneys at work but can honestly attest with the utmost confidence that Ms. Mioni is fully competent as an attorney and I would not go to bat with anyone else, period. Lastly, I found her to be honest, fair, caring, a good listener, highly educated and most professional.”