How to Adopt an Adult in California- Los Angeles

How to Adopt an Adult in California

You can adopt an adult in California and establish a legal parent-child relationship if the following requirements are met:

  1. The adopting parent must be at least ten years older than the person they are adopting.
  2. If the adopting parent is married, they must obtain the consent of their spouse.
  3. If the person being adopted is married, they must obtain the consent of their spouse.
  4. Parties must be legal U.S. residents.

If these requirements are met, you can file for an adult adoption in California.

The first step is to file an adoption petition and other documents in the county where either the adopting parent or the person being adopted resides.  Because both parties in an adult adoption are adults, there is no mandated investigation.  Once the petition and accompanying documents have been filed, the court will set an adoption hearing.  At the adoption hearing, both the adopting parent and the person being adopted must be present.  If either party is married, the spouse must also attend so they can inform the judge that he/she gives their consent for the adoption.  At the adoption hearing, the judge may ask some questions about whether each party knows and understands that they are legally going to be parent and child.  The judge will then grant the adult adoption and declare the parties legally family.  If the adopted person would like a new birth certificate, one can be requested which will reflect the adopting parent listed on the birth certificate.

The following pleadings must be submitted to the court for an adult adoption in California:

  1. Family Law Case Cover Sheet
  2. Adult Adoption Petition
  3. Adult Adoption Agreement
  4. Spousal Consent
  5. Decree of Adult Adoption
  6. Request for Adult Adoption Hearing

In California, an adult adoption is a legal procedure in which an older adult adopts a younger adult. Upon the adoption becoming finalized, the parties will have a legal parent-child relationship. There are several reasons older adults seek to adopt younger adults. Some people choose to do it to help deal with complicated estate planning issues. Other people do it to solidify a parent child relationship in a stepparent situation. Whatever your reason may be to adopt an adult, contact us for help in preparing all the necessary legal documentation. Read on to learn more about how to adopt an adult in California.

There are no standard forms for an adult adoption.  For an adult adoption in Los Angeles County, you have to draft the adult adoption pleadings from scratch on pleading paper.  Because there are no forms, you need to be sure to include all necessary and relevant information in the adult adoption pleadings so that the court is able to process and grant your adult adoption.

If you would like assistance with an adult adoption in Los Angeles county, contact Mioni Family Law to assist you at (424) 259-1770