Adult Adoptions- Making your Parent and Child Relationship Legal

Have you been raised by someone who is not your biological parent but you still consider them to be your Father or Mother? Looking to make that relationship legal? Are you an adult that wants to be adopted? Or are you a parent that wants to adopt an adult? I can help.

An adult adoption may occur once the “child” in this relationship reaches the age of eighteen (18) years old. Because the “child” or rather the person being adopted is a legal adult, you do not need to obtain the consent of the biological parent(s). You only need the consent of the party being adopted and the consent of the adopting party.

Why adopt an adult?

There are a number of reasons that someone wants to adopt an adult or an adult wants to be adopted. The most common reason is that a step child has developed a relationship with their step parent and consider them to be their Father or Mother. A former foster child who has grown close to his or her foster family and is not at the age where he or she may be adopted as an adult is also a reason for an adult adoption. Adult adoption is also a way to create legal rights of inheritance between the parties.

What is the process?

In California, the party being adopted must be ten (10) years younger than the party that will be adopting the other party.

You then need to file the following with the court: (1) Adoption Petition; (2) Adoption Agreement; (3) Spousal Consents for the party being adopted and for the adopting party; (4) Adoption Order. You then need to request a hearing date with the Court. On the day of the hearing, the court will ask both parties questions based on the Adoption Petition and the Adoption Agreement. The Court will then grant your request for adoption and a new birth certificate will be issues if wish to have a new birth certificate issued.

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