Adult Adoption- Los Angeles

Adult Adoption- Los Angeles

What is Adult Adoption?
Adult Adoption is the legal process of an older adult adopting a younger adult. Once this process is complete, the parties will have a legal child-parent relationship with all the rights and responsibilities as a biological parent and child, including rights of inheritance.

What about the biological parents?
An adult adoption severs the currently existing child-parent relationship with the adoptee’s parents. This is not the case in step parent adoptions though. When a stepparent adopts a stepchild that is an adult, the adoptor’s spouse (the biological parent) remains the adoptee’s child.

Where can I learn about the procedure for adopting an adult?
You can learn about the procedure for adopting an adult in Los Angeles County in the California Family Code sections 9300 through 9340. If you are considering an adult adoption, you should read these code sections. You can find the relevant code sections here. You can also read my other blogs on adult adoptions in Los Angeles County here.

What do I need to do to be adopted or adopt an adult?
There are no forms for an adult adoption, and instead you have to draft your pleadings. The required legal documents you need for an adult adoption are:
1. Petition for Approval of Adult Adoption
2. Adoption Agreement
3. Spousal Consents
4. Order of Adoption
5. Request for Adoption Hearing

Once you have drafted the pleadings listed above, you file the pleadings at the courthouse. Which courthouse you file the documents depends on where the parties reside. After the court has received and reviewed your documents, you will be assigned a hearing date for the adoption. Both parties must attend the hearing date. The court will ask you why you desire to be adopted/adopt an adult.

Will I get a new birth certificate?
If you wish to have the information on your birth certificate changed to reflect your new parent(s), you may do so once the adoption is complete. Fill out the VS-44 form and submit it with your pleadings or bring it to the hearing. It may take several months to be issued your new birth certificate, it will not happen at the hearing.

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