Adult Adoption Lawyer Lovette T. Mioni

Adult Adoption Lawyer Lovette T. Mioni

With my assistance, an adult adoption in Los Angeles County does not have to be a difficult or lengthy process.

How it works: After setting up an initial in person or over the phone meeting, I gather the information necessary to complete the pleadings to file for adult adoption on behalf of both the adopting parent and the person being adopted.

Once I’ve gathered the information I need to complete the pleadings, I draft the pleadings and submit them to the court for a hearing date. You are able to let me know your preferred dates for the hearing, and the court will try to accommodate your requested dates. We are mailed the hearing date within 4 to 6 weeks. The hearing date is usually scheduled 2 to 3 months after we submit all of your pleadings.

There is no investigation that needs to take place, and the consent of the biological parents is not necessary or required.

The adopting parent and the person being adopted need to attend the scheduled hearing date. If either the adopting parent has a spouse or the person being adopted has a spouse, your spouses also need to attend the hearing and provide written consent for the adoption to take place.

Once the hearing is complete, so is your adoption! If you wish to be issued a new birth certificate with the adopting parent(s) listed as parents on the birth certificate, the court will accommodate that request and will issue a new birth certificate for the party being adopted.

With my assistance, it is really a simple and happy process. Feel free to give me a call at (424) 259-1770 and I’d be happy to talk about the process with you in more detail.