Child Support add-ons: getting more than guideline

Child support is governed by the formula in the Statewide Uniform Guidelines for Child Support.  However, it is possible to get more than guideline child support in some instances.  There are two mandatory add-ons for child support and… Read More

Divorce vs. Legal Separation vs. Annulment

There are a few ways to end your marriage, or the obligations of marriage.  The first and most common is a divorce, “Dissolution of Marriage”.  The other alternatives include Legal Separation and Annulment.  Most of us know what… Read More

DissoMaster: Calculating Child Support and Spousal Support

The “DissoMaster” is a program used by Los Angeles Superior Court, and many other courts, as well as the majority of family law attorneys to calculate child and spousal support.  The DissoMaster computes child and/or spousal support based… Read More