At Mioni Family Law, one of my primary goals is to help educate you regarding your rights and obligations and to help you help yourself. As part of this effort, I have put together selected links that can help you learn more about your case. You can become a stronger advocate for your case if you have a basic understanding of your family law issues and how the court views those issues.

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Learn more about your case by reviewing the resources and links below:

Child Support Calculator
The child support calculator will help estimate your child support obligation or how much you are entitled to in child support. For a more accurate number or to calculate an estimate for spousal support, contact me for a consultation.

Find Your Case
Look up party information, case information, and proceeding information including a list of documents that have been filed and future hearings.

Family Laws & Codes

The Judicial Council adopts legal forms in one of two ways. Under Government Code section 68511, the council may “prescribe” certain forms. Use of those forms is mandatory. The council may also “approve” forms. Use of an approved form is not mandatory, but the form must be accepted by all courts in appropriate cases (rule 1.35). Forms thus are “adopted” for mandatory use and “approved” for optional use.

Find information about the court system in California, lawyers, legal aid and other legal help from your court. Learn how to prepare to go to court, research the law, and resolve your dispute without having to go in front of a judge and get information and resources on other legal topics that are not covered elsewhere in this Online Self-Help Center.

Helpful Family Law Articles
My blog has numerous articles on a range of family law topics that may be helpful to you.


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