Adult Adoption- Los Angeles

Adult Adoption- Los Angeles What is Adult Adoption? Adult Adoption is the legal process of an older adult adopting a younger adult. Once this process is complete, the parties will have a legal child-parent relationship with all the… Read More

Adult Adoptions- Making your Parent and Child Relationship Legal

Have you been raised by someone who is not your biological parent but you still consider them to be your Father or Mother?  Looking to make that relationship legal?  Are you an adult that wants to be adopted? … Read More

Can I Modify Child Support?

Have you suffered a decrease in income?  Do you have more physical custody of your child than the court order states?  Has the other parent received a raise or now has additional income that is a greater amount… Read More

How to Adopt an Adult in Los Angeles County

Can I adopt an adult?  Yes, you sure can! An adult adoption is when an adoptive parent adopts a person who is over the age of 18 and not related to them.  You cannot adopt an adult unless… Read More

How to file for Divorce in Marina del Rey (or any city in Los Angeles County)

In order to file for divorce in the great state of California, you have to have lived in California for the last six (6) months.  In order to file for divorce in the city of Marina del Rey,… Read More

Should I get a prenup?

You know, I’ve never heard any party going through a divorce complain that they had a prenup, or wish that they had never entered into the prenup.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  The majority of clients who had properties or businesses… Read More

Child Support add-ons: getting more than guideline

Child support is governed by the formula in the Statewide Uniform Guidelines for Child Support.  However, it is possible to get more than guideline child support in some instances.  There are two mandatory add-ons for child support and… Read More

Divorce vs. Legal Separation vs. Annulment

There are a few ways to end your marriage, or the obligations of marriage.  The first and most common is a divorce, “Dissolution of Marriage”.  The other alternatives include Legal Separation and Annulment.  Most of us know what… Read More

DissoMaster: Calculating Child Support and Spousal Support

The “DissoMaster” is a program used by Los Angeles Superior Court, and many other courts, as well as the majority of family law attorneys to calculate child and spousal support.  The DissoMaster computes child and/or spousal support based… Read More