Can You Legally Adopt an Adult?

Can You Legally Adopt an Adult? Adoption is not just for kids.  Adult adoption is a real thing and is both legal and possible. So many people I speak with don’t realize that you can adopt an adult… Read More

Adult Adoption Lawyer

Adult Adoption Lawyer What is adult adoption?  When one person who is an adult adopts another adult (note that the adopting parent is required to be at least ten years older than the person being adopted). Do you… Read More

How to Adopt an Adult in California- Los Angeles

How to Adopt an Adult in California You can adopt an adult in California and establish a legal parent-child relationship if the following requirements are met: The adopting parent must be at least ten years older than the… Read More

Stepparent Adoption in Los Angeles County

Adoption establishes a legal parent-child relationship when the adoption parent is not the child’s biological mother or father.  Once an adoption takes place, the adopting mother and/or father have all the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent-child… Read More

Can an Adult be Adopted in California?

  Can an Adult be Adopted in California?  California Family Code Section 9300 et seq. states that “an adult may be adopted by another adult, including a stepparent.”  Even a married minor may be adopted in the same… Read More

Adult Adoption Lawyer Lovette T. Mioni

Adult Adoption Lawyer Lovette T. Mioni With my assistance, an adult adoption in Los Angeles County does not have to be a difficult or lengthy process. How it works:  After setting up an initial in person or over the… Read More

Adult Adoption- Los Angeles

Adult Adoption- Los Angeles What is Adult Adoption? Adult Adoption is the legal process of an older adult adopting a younger adult. Once this process is complete, the parties will have a legal child-parent relationship with all the… Read More

Adult Adoptions- Making your Parent and Child Relationship Legal

Have you been raised by someone who is not your biological parent but you still consider them to be your Father or Mother?  Looking to make that relationship legal?  Are you an adult that wants to be adopted? … Read More

How to Adopt an Adult in Los Angeles County

Can I adopt an adult?  Yes, you sure can! An adult adoption is when an adoptive parent adopts a person who is over the age of 18 and not related to them.  You cannot adopt an adult unless… Read More